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Art Gallery “Sava Sumanovic”

Art Gallery “Sava Sumanovic” was founded in 1952 as a result of a gift contract according to which Persida Šumanovic, painter's mother, gave a legacy of 417 paintings of her late son Sava to a town of Šid ten years after his death. Her great wish, generosity and persistence lead to the fact that the town of Šid has in its possession the legacy of enormous artistic and material value. Accordingto the very precise regulations of the contract, the legacy was placed in their family house which was, until then,used as a Municipal Court. Former building which had 400m2 of exhibit hall was completed and adapted in1989 so the Gallery has 600m2 of exhibit hall today. This made it possible for the gallery to have a largenumber of paintings on permanent display and in that way it offers visitors the opportunity to experience Sava Sumanovic's creative work in the authentic ambient. 

Among a total number of 417 Sava Sumanovic's paintings, the Gallery in Šid owns 350 paintings done in oil and 67 sketches in different techniques (drawing, pastel,  watercolour, diluted tempera paint). Most paintings belong to the last creative period (Sid's period), i.e. they were made during the lastdecade of painter's life.

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Mushrooms and snails from Fruška Gora - Specialized restaurant Arena

Rare are those who have not heard of or Iriški Venac, an occasion, not crossed the famous saddle on Fruska Gora, the highest elevation highway: Sabac-Ruma - Novi Sad, the intersection with the famous Partisan way, and even more famous picnic areas Fruska Gora National Park.  The configuration of the terrain and the route of the main road, on this very busy crossroads mainly surprised passers, short  but film exciting  the sight of lavish nature and large number of visitors. To enjoy it, of course, we invite you to pause and take a breather!

To experience the Srem mountains, nature and its gifts, one place Iriski Wreath, deserved special attention  recreationists, bikers, cyclists, hikers and travelers, connoisseurs and consumers of specialty mushrooms from Fruska up, gourmets and hedonists.  So, do not miss your chance to visit the Restaurant Arena Iriski Venac!

Situated on a landscaped glade, next to the pine forest and only a few dozen meters from the main intersections and traffic jams, Restaurant Arena offers an incredible feeling of peace and freshness with an overview of the whole move Iriški Venac. 

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To many people Sirmium is the first association to Srem and one of the most interesting touristic sights in Srem. Not without reason, etymologically, Sirmium - Sirmien - Srem, since the XIII century, has become synonymous to the entire area between the Sava and the Danube while the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments Sremska Mitrovica, is a synonym of a new era in the preservation and protection of cultural heritage on the territory of Srem and northern Mačva. 

For many years, the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments Sremska Mitrovica is also an institution for the support of the development of receptive tourism in Srem, and since two years ago one of the most important co-founders of the Tourism Cluster Srem Fund. The Imperial Palace - Sirmium, Gomolava, Monasteries of FruskaGora, ..., are only part of the well known cultural property of great importance and for the protection of them the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Sremska Mitrovica is accredited. Within the jurisdiction of the Institute, at the area of Srem, 215 fixed cultural objectsare located. Out of that number, 154 were categorized as cultural goods of exceptional or great importance.

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